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2 Academic Free License
3 Version 1.2
5This Academic Free License applies to any original work of authorship
6(the "Original Work") whose owner (the "Licensor") has placed the
7following notice immediately following the copyright notice for the
8Original Work:
10Licensed under the Academic Free License version 1.2
12Grant of License. Licensor hereby grants to any person obtaining a
13copy of the Original Work ("You") a world-wide, royalty-free,
14non-exclusive, perpetual, non-sublicenseable license (1) to use, copy,
15modify, merge, publish, perform, distribute and/or sell copies of the
16Original Work and derivative works thereof, and (2) under patent claims
17owned or controlled by the Licensor that are embodied in the Original
18Work as furnished by the Licensor, to make, use, sell and offer for
19sale the Original Work and derivative works thereof, subject to the
20following conditions.
22Attribution Rights. You must retain, in the Source Code of any
23Derivative Works that You create, all copyright, patent or trademark
24notices from the Source Code of the Original Work, as well as any
25notices of licensing and any descriptive text identified therein as an
26"Attribution Notice." You must cause the Source Code for any Derivative
27Works that You create to carry a prominent Attribution Notice reasonably
28calculated to inform recipients that You have modified the Original Work.
30Exclusions from License Grant. Neither the names of Licensor, nor the
31names of any contributors to the Original Work, nor any of their
32trademarks or service marks, may be used to endorse or promote products
33derived from this Original Work without express prior written permission
34of the Licensor.
36Warranty and Disclaimer of Warranty. Licensor warrants that the copyright
37in and to the Original Work is owned by the Licensor or that the Original
38Work is distributed by Licensor under a valid current license from the
39copyright owner. Except as expressly stated in the immediately proceeding
40sentence, the Original Work is provided under this License on an "AS IS"
41BASIS and WITHOUT WARRANTY, either express or implied, including, without
42limitation, the warranties of NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
44WORK IS WITH YOU. This DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY constitutes an essential part
45of this License. No license to Original Work is granted hereunder except
46under this disclaimer.
48Limitation of Liability. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory,
49whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise, shall the
50Licensor be liable to any person for any direct, indirect, special,
51incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result
52of this License or the use of the Original Work including, without
53limitation, damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure
54or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or losses. This
55limitation of liability shall not apply to liability for death or personal
56injury resulting from Licensor`s negligence to the extent applicable law
57prohibits such limitation. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or
58limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion and
59limitation may not apply to You.
61License to Source Code. The term "Source Code" means the preferred form of
62the Original Work for making modifications to it and all available
63documentation describing how to modify the Original Work. Licensor hereby
64agrees to provide a machine-readable copy of the Source Code of the Original
65Work along with each copy of the Original Work that Licensor distributes.
66Licensor reserves the right to satisfy this obligation by placing a
67machine-readable copy of the Source Code in an information repository
68reasonably calculated to permit inexpensive and convenient access by You for
69as long as Licensor continues to distribute the Original Work, and by
70publishing the address of that information repository in a notice immediately
71following the copyright notice that applies to the Original Work.
73Mutual Termination for Patent Action. This License shall terminate
74automatically and You may no longer exercise any of the rights granted to You
75by this License if You file a lawsuit in any court alleging that any OSI
76Certified open source software that is licensed under any license containing
77this "Mutual Termination for Patent Action" clause infringes any patent
78claims that are essential to use that software.
80Right to Use. You may use the Original Work in all ways not otherwise
81restricted or conditioned by this License or by law, and Licensor promises
82not to interfere with or be responsible for such uses by You.
84This license is Copyright (C) 2002 Lawrence E. Rosen. All rights reserved.
85Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this license without
86modification. This license may not be modified without the express written
87permission of its copyright owner.
90END OF LICENSE. The following is intended to describe the essential
91differences between the Academic Free License (AFL) version 1.0 and other
92open source licenses:
94The Academic Free License is similar to the BSD, MIT, UoI/NCSA and Apache
95licenses in many respects but it is intended to solve a few problems with
96those licenses.
98* The AFL is written so as to make it clear what software is being
99licensed (by the inclusion of a statement following the copyright notice
100in the software). This way, the license functions better than a template
101license. The BSD, MIT and UoI/NCSA licenses apply to unidentified software.
103* The AFL contains a complete copyright grant to the software. The BSD
104and Apache licenses are vague and incomplete in that respect.
106* The AFL contains a complete patent grant to the software. The BSD, MIT,
107UoI/NCSA and Apache licenses rely on an implied patent license and contain
108no explicit patent grant.
110* The AFL makes it clear that no trademark rights are granted to the
111licensor`s trademarks. The Apache license contains such a provision, but the
112BSD, MIT and UoI/NCSA licenses do not.
114* The AFL includes the warranty by the licensor that it either owns the
115copyright or that it is distributing the software under a license. None of
116the other licenses contain that warranty. All other warranties are disclaimed,
117as is the case for the other licenses.
119* The AFL is itself copyrighted (with the right granted to copy and distribute
120without modification). This ensures that the owner of the copyright to the
121license will control changes. The Apache license contains a copyright notice,
122but the BSD, MIT and UoI/NCSA licenses do not.