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5<chapter id='dev-manual-intro'>
7<title>The Yocto Project Development Manual</title>
8 <section id='intro'>
9 <title>Introduction</title>
11 <para>
12 Welcome to the Yocto Project Development Manual!
13 This manual provides information on how to use the Yocto Project to
14 develop embedded Linux images and user-space applications that
15 run on targeted devices.
16 The manual provides an overview of image, kernel, and
17 user-space application development using the Yocto Project.
18 Because much of the information in this manual is general, it
19 contains many references to other sources where you can find more
20 detail.
21 For example, you can find detailed information on Git, repositories,
22 and open source in general in many places on the Internet.
23 Another example specific to the Yocto Project is how to quickly
24 set up your host development system and build an image, which you
25 find in the
26 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_QS_URL;'>Yocto Project Quick Start</ulink>.
27 </para>
29 <para>
30 The Yocto Project Development Manual does, however, provide
31 guidance and examples on how to change the kernel source code,
32 reconfigure the kernel, and develop an application using the
33 popular <trademark class='trade'>Eclipse</trademark> IDE.
34 </para>
36 <note>
37 By default, using the Yocto Project creates a Poky distribution.
38 However, you can create your own distribution by providing key
39 <link linkend='metadata'>Metadata</link>.
40 A good example is Angstrom, which has had a distribution
41 based on the Yocto Project since its inception.
42 Other examples include commercial distributions like
43 Wind River Linux, Mentor Embedded Linux, and ENEA Linux.
44 See the "<link linkend='creating-your-own-distribution'>Creating Your Own Distribution</link>"
45 section for more information.
46 </note>
47 </section>
49 <section id='what-this-manual-provides'>
50 <title>What This Manual Provides</title>
52 <para>
53 The following list describes what you can get from this manual:
54 <itemizedlist>
55 <listitem><para>Information that lets you get set
56 up to develop using the Yocto Project.</para></listitem>
57 <listitem><para>Information to help developers who are new to
58 the open source environment and to the distributed revision
59 control system Git, which the Yocto Project uses.
60 </para></listitem>
61 <listitem><para>An understanding of common end-to-end
62 development models and tasks.</para></listitem>
63 <listitem><para>Information about common development tasks
64 generally used during image development for
65 embedded devices.
66 </para></listitem>
67 <listitem><para>Many references to other sources of related
68 information.</para></listitem>
69 </itemizedlist>
70 </para>
71 </section>
73 <section id='what-this-manual-does-not-provide'>
74 <title>What this Manual Does Not Provide</title>
76 <para>
77 This manual will not give you the following:
78 <itemizedlist>
79 <listitem><para><emphasis>Step-by-step instructions when those instructions exist in other Yocto
80 Project documentation:</emphasis>
81 For example, the Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide contains detailed
82 instructions on how to run the
83 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_ADT_URL;#installing-the-adt'>ADT Installer</ulink>,
84 which is used to set up a cross-development environment.</para></listitem>
85 <listitem><para><emphasis>Reference material:</emphasis>
86 This type of material resides in an appropriate reference manual.
87 For example, system variables are documented in the
88 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;'>Yocto Project Reference Manual</ulink>.</para></listitem>
89 <listitem><para><emphasis>Detailed public information that is not specific to the Yocto Project:</emphasis>
90 For example, exhaustive information on how to use Git is covered better through the
91 Internet than in this manual.</para></listitem>
92 </itemizedlist>
93 </para>
94 </section>
96 <section id='other-information'>
97 <title>Other Information</title>
99 <para>
100 Because this manual presents overview information for many different
101 topics, supplemental information is recommended for full
102 comprehension.
103 The following list presents other sources of information you might find helpful:
104 <itemizedlist>
105 <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url='&YOCTO_HOME_URL;'>Yocto Project Website</ulink>:
106 </emphasis> The home page for the Yocto Project provides lots of information on the project
107 as well as links to software and documentation.</para></listitem>
108 <listitem><para><emphasis>
109 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_QS_URL;'>Yocto Project Quick Start</ulink>:</emphasis> This short document lets you get started
110 with the Yocto Project and quickly begin building an image.</para></listitem>
111 <listitem><para><emphasis>
112 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;'>Yocto Project Reference Manual</ulink>:</emphasis> This manual is a reference
113 guide to the OpenEmbedded build system, which is based on BitBake.
114 The build system is sometimes referred to as "Poky".
115 </para></listitem>
116 <listitem><para><emphasis>
117 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_ADT_URL;'>Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide</ulink>:</emphasis>
118 This guide provides information that lets you get going with the Application
119 Development Toolkit (ADT) and stand-alone cross-development toolchains to
120 develop projects using the Yocto Project.</para></listitem>
121 <listitem><para><emphasis>
122 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_BSP_URL;'>Yocto Project Board Support Package (BSP) Developer's Guide</ulink>:</emphasis>
123 This guide defines the structure for BSP components.
124 Having a commonly understood structure encourages standardization.</para></listitem>
125 <listitem><para><emphasis>
126 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_KERNEL_DEV_URL;'>Yocto Project Linux Kernel Development Manual</ulink>:</emphasis>
127 This manual describes how to work with Linux Yocto kernels as well as provides a bit
128 of conceptual information on the construction of the Yocto Linux kernel tree.
129 </para></listitem>
130 <listitem><para><emphasis>
131 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_PROF_URL;'>Yocto Project Profiling and Tracing Manual</ulink>:</emphasis>
132 This manual presents a set of common and generally useful tracing and
133 profiling schemes along with their applications (as appropriate) to each tool.
134 </para></listitem>
135 <listitem><para><emphasis>
136 <ulink url=''>
137 Eclipse IDE Yocto Plug-in</ulink>:</emphasis> A step-by-step instructional video that
138 demonstrates how an application developer uses Yocto Plug-in features within
139 the Eclipse IDE.</para></listitem>
140 <listitem><para><emphasis>
141 <ulink url='&YOCTO_WIKI_URL;/wiki/FAQ'>FAQ</ulink>:</emphasis>
142 A list of commonly asked questions and their answers.</para></listitem>
143 <listitem><para><emphasis>
144 <ulink url='&YOCTO_RELEASE_NOTES;'>Release Notes</ulink>:</emphasis>
145 Features, updates and known issues for the current
146 release of the Yocto Project.</para></listitem>
147 <listitem><para><emphasis>
148 <ulink url='&YOCTO_HOME_URL;/tools-resources/projects/hob'>
149 Hob</ulink>:</emphasis> A graphical user interface for BitBake.
150 Hob's primary goal is to enable a user to perform common tasks more easily.</para></listitem>
151 <listitem><para><emphasis>
152 <ulink url='&YOCTO_HOME_URL;/download/build-appliance-0'>
153 Build Appliance</ulink>:</emphasis> A virtual machine that
154 enables you to build and boot a custom embedded Linux image
155 with the Yocto Project using a non-Linux development system.
156 </para></listitem>
157 <listitem><para><emphasis>
158 <ulink url='&YOCTO_BUGZILLA_URL;'>Bugzilla</ulink>:</emphasis>
159 The bug tracking application the Yocto Project uses.
160 If you find problems with the Yocto Project, you should report them using this
161 application.</para></listitem>
162 <listitem><para><emphasis>
163 Yocto Project Mailing Lists:</emphasis> To subscribe to the Yocto Project mailing
164 lists, click on the following URLs and follow the instructions:
165 <itemizedlist>
166 <listitem><para><ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo/yocto'></ulink> for a
167 Yocto Project Discussions mailing list.</para></listitem>
168 <listitem><para><ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo/poky'></ulink> for a
169 Yocto Project Discussions mailing list about the
170 OpenEmbedded build system (Poky).
171 </para></listitem>
172 <listitem><para><ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo/yocto-announce'></ulink>
173 for a mailing list to receive official Yocto Project announcements
174 as well as Yocto Project milestones.</para></listitem>
175 <listitem><para><ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo'></ulink> for a
176 listing of all public mailing lists on <filename></filename>.
177 </para></listitem>
178 </itemizedlist></para></listitem>
179 <listitem><para><emphasis>Internet Relay Chat (IRC):</emphasis>
180 Two IRC channels on freenode are available
181 for Yocto Project and Poky discussions: <filename>#yocto</filename> and
182 <filename>#poky</filename>, respectively.</para></listitem>
183 <listitem><para><emphasis>
184 <ulink url='&OE_HOME_URL;'>OpenEmbedded</ulink>:</emphasis>
185 The build system used by the Yocto Project.
186 This project is the upstream, generic, embedded distribution
187 from which the Yocto Project derives its build system (Poky)
188 and to which it contributes.</para></listitem>
189 <listitem><para><emphasis>
190 <ulink url=''>
191 BitBake</ulink>:</emphasis> The tool used by the OpenEmbedded build system
192 to process project metadata.</para></listitem>
193 <listitem><para><emphasis>
194 <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_BB_URL;'>BitBake User Manual:</ulink></emphasis>
195 A comprehensive guide to the BitBake tool.
196 If you want information on BitBake, see this manual.
197 </para></listitem>
198 <listitem><para><emphasis>
199 <ulink url=''>Quick EMUlator (QEMU)</ulink>:
200 </emphasis> An open-source machine emulator and virtualizer.</para></listitem>
201 </itemizedlist>
202 </para>
203 </section>
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