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12 <corpauthor>BitBake Team</corpauthor> 12 <corpauthor>BitBake Team</corpauthor>
13 </authorgroup> 13 </authorgroup>
14 <copyright> 14 <copyright>
15 <year>2004, 2005</year> 15 <year>2004, 2005, 2006</year>
16 <holder>Chris Larson</holder> 16 <holder>Chris Larson</holder>
17 <holder>Phil Blundell</holder> 17 <holder>Phil Blundell</holder>
18 </copyright> 18 </copyright>
@@ -111,9 +111,9 @@ share common metadata between many packages.</para></listitem>
111 <section> 111 <section>
112 <title>Appending (.=) and prepending (=.) without spaces</title> 112 <title>Appending (.=) and prepending (=.) without spaces</title>
113 <para><screen><varname>B</varname> = "bval" 113 <para><screen><varname>B</varname> = "bval"
114<varname>B</varname> += "additionaldata" 114<varname>B</varname> .= "additionaldata"
115<varname>C</varname> = "cval" 115<varname>C</varname> = "cval"
116<varname>C</varname> =+ "test"</screen></para> 116<varname>C</varname> =. "test"</screen></para>
117 <para>In this example, <varname>B</varname> is now <literal>bvaladditionaldata</literal> and <varname>C</varname> is <literal>testcval</literal>. In contrast to the above Appending and Prepending operators no additional space 117 <para>In this example, <varname>B</varname> is now <literal>bvaladditionaldata</literal> and <varname>C</varname> is <literal>testcval</literal>. In contrast to the above Appending and Prepending operators no additional space
118will be introduced.</para> 118will be introduced.</para>
119 </section> 119 </section>
@@ -228,6 +228,86 @@ of the event and the content of the <varname>FILE</varname> variable.</para>
228 </section> 228 </section>
229 </section> 229 </section>
230 </chapter> 230 </chapter>
232 <chapter>
233 <title>File Download support</title>
234 <section>
235 <title>Overview</title>
236 <para>BitBake provides support to download files this procedure is called fetching. The SRC_URI is normally used to indicate BitBake which files to fetch. The next sections will describe th available fetchers and the options they have. Each Fetcher honors a set of Variables and
237a per URI parameters separated by a <quote>;</quote> consisting of a key and a value. The semantic of the Variables and Parameters are defined by the Fetcher. BitBakes tries to have a consistent semantic between the different Fetchers.
238 </para>
239 </section>
241 <section>
242 <title>Local File Fetcher</title>
243 <para>The URN for the Local File Fetcher is <emphasis>file</emphasis>. The filename can be either absolute or relative. If the filename is relative <varname>FILESPATH</varname> and <varname>FILESDIR</varname> will be used to find the appropriate relative file depending on the <varname>OVERRIDES</varname>. Single files and complete directories can be specified.
244<screen><varname>SRC_URI</varname>= "file://relativefile.patch"
245<varname>SRC_URI</varname>= "file://relativefile.patch;this=ignored"
246<varname>SRC_URI</varname>= "file:///Users/ich/very_important_software"
248 </para>
249 </section>
251 <section>
252 <title>CVS File Fetcher</title>
253 <para>The URN for the CVS Fetcher is <emphasis>cvs</emphasis>. This Fetcher honors the variables <varname>DL_DIR</varname>, <varname>SRCDATE</varname>, <varname>FETCHCOMMAND_cvs</varname>, <varname>UPDATECOMMAND_cvs</varname>. <varname>DL_DIRS</varname> specifies where a temporary checkout is saved, <varname>SRCDATE</varname> specifies which date to use when doing the fetching, <varname>FETCHCOMMAND</varname> and <varname>UPDATECOMMAND</varname> specify which executables should be used when doing the CVS checkout or update.
254 </para>
255 <para>The supported Parameters are <varname>module</varname>, <varname>tag</varname>, <varname>date</varname>, <varname>method</varname>, <varname>localdir</varname>, <varname>rsh</varname>. The <varname>module</varname> specifies which module to check out, the <varname>tag</varname> describes which CVS TAG should be used for the checkout by default the TAG is empty. A <varname>date</varname> can be specified to override the SRCDATE of the configuration to checkout a specific date. <varname>method</varname> is by default <emphasis>pserver</emphasis>, if <emphasis>ext</emphasis> is used the <varname>rsh</varname> parameter will be evaluated and <varname>CVS_RSH</varname> will be set. Finally <varname>localdir</varname> is used to checkout into a special directory relative to <varname>CVSDIR></varname>.
256<screen><varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "cvs://CVSROOT;module=mymodule;tag=some-version;method=ext"
257<varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "cvs://CVSROOT;module=mymodule;date=20060126;localdir=usethat"
259 </para>
260 </section>
262 <section>
263 <title>HTTP/FTP Fetcher</title>
264 <para>The URNs for the HTTP/FTP are <emphasis>http</emphasis>, <emphasis>https</emphasis> and <emphasis>ftp</emphasis>. This Fetcher honors the variables <varname>DL_DIR</varname>, <varname>FETCHCOMMAND_wget</varname>, <varname>PREMIRRORS</varname>, <varname>MIRRORS</varname>. The <varname>DL_DIR</varname> defines where to store the fetched file, <varname>FETCHCOMMAND</varname> contains the command used for fetching. <quote>${URI}</quote> and <quote>${FILES}</quote> will be replaced by the uri and basename of the to be fetched file. <varname>PREMIRRORS</varname>
265will be tried first when fetching a file if that fails the actual file will be tried and finally all <varname>MIRRORS</varname> will be tried.
266 </para>
267 <para>The only supported Parameter is <varname>md5sum</varname>. After a fetch the <varname>md5sum</varname> of the file will be calculated and the two sums will be compared.
268 </para>
269 <para><screen><varname>SRC_URI</varname> = ";md5sum=12343"
270<varname>SRC_URI</varname> = ";md5sum=1234"
271<varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "ftp://you@oe.handheld.sorg/home/you/secret.plan;md5sum=1234"
273 </section>
275 <section>
276 <title>SVK Fetcher</title>
277 <para>
278 <emphasis>Currently NOT suppoered</emphasis>
279 </para>
280 </section>
282 <section>
283 <title>SVN Fetcher</title>
284 <para>The URN for the SVN Fetcher is <emphasis>svn</emphasis>.
285 </para>
286 <para>The Variables <varname>FETCHCOMMAND_svn</varname>, <varname>DL_DIR</varname> are used by the SVN Fetcher. <varname>FETCHCOMMAND</varname> contains the subversion command, <varname>DL_DIR</varname> is the directory where tarballs will be saved.
287 </para>
288 <para>The supported Parameters are <varname>proto</varname>, <varname>rev</varname>. <varname>proto</varname> is the subversion prototype, <varname>rev</varname> is the subversions revision.
289 </para>
290 <para><screen><varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "svn://;module=vip;proto=http;rev=667"
291<varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "svn://;module=opie;proto=svn+ssh;date=20060126"
293 </section>
295 <section>
296 <title>GIT Fetcher</title>
297 <para>The URN for the GIT Fetcher is <emphasis>git</emphasis>.
298 </para>
299 <para>The Variables <varname>DL_DIR</varname>, <varname>GITDIR</varname> are used. <varname>DL_DIR</varname> will be used to store the checkedout version. <varname>GITDIR</varname> will be used as the base directory where the git tree is cloned to.
300 </para>
301 <para>The Parameters are <emphasis>tag</emphasis>, <emphasis>protocol</emphasis>. <emphasis>tag</emphasis> is a git tag, the default is <quote>master</quote>. <emphasis>protocol</emphasis> is the git protocol to use and defaults to <quote>rsync</quote>.
302 </para>
303 <para><screen><varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "git://;tag=version-1"
304<varname>SRC_URI</varname> = "git://;protocol=http"
305 </screen></para>
306 </section>
308 </chapter>
231 <chapter> 311 <chapter>
232 <title>Commands</title> 312 <title>Commands</title>
233 <section> 313 <section>
@@ -320,7 +400,7 @@ options:
320 <title>Depending on another .bb</title> 400 <title>Depending on another .bb</title>
321 <para> 401 <para>
322 <screen>PN = "package-a" 402 <screen>PN = "package-a"
323 DEPENDS += "package-b"</screen> 403DEPENDS += "package-b"</screen>
324 </para> 404 </para>
325 <para> 405 <para>
326 <screen>PN = "package-b"</screen> 406 <screen>PN = "package-b"</screen>