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authorEnrico Scholz <>2012-05-20 15:19:11 (GMT)
committerRichard Purdie <>2012-05-23 10:35:11 (GMT)
commit358016f463958640c694d031a481264a0e770802 (patch)
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parent8b8be74ed21b878b2fe30d5b76ff0648e6e48c18 (diff)
bitbake: support $BITBAKE_UI environment
Patch adds support for a $BITBAKE_UI environment variable which allows to configure the preferred user interface. Although an '-u' option (which will override the environment variable) exists already, it was required to specify this option on every invocation of bitbake. Because user interface is instanciated very early in the program it is not possible to use bitbake.conf for setting up a default. An environment variable (which acts in a similar category like $PAGER or $EDITOR) is a simple way for configuring the default. (Bitbake rev: e3c213015953d1a0afb5ef4be59e1264990e5cee) Signed-off-by: Enrico Scholz <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/bitbake/bin/bitbake b/bitbake/bin/bitbake
index 420e69d..478ac06 100755
--- a/bitbake/bin/bitbake
+++ b/bitbake/bin/bitbake
@@ -56,10 +56,11 @@ class BBConfiguration(object):
56 56
57 57
58def get_ui(config): 58def get_ui(config):
59 if config.ui: 59 if not config.ui:
60 interface = config.ui 60 # modify 'ui' attribute because it is also read by cooker
61 else: 61 config.ui = os.environ.get('BITBAKE_UI', 'knotty')
62 interface = 'knotty' 62
63 interface = config.ui
63 64
64 try: 65 try:
65 # Dynamically load the UI based on the ui name. Although we 66 # Dynamically load the UI based on the ui name. Although we