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* meta-isg: dpdk: fix v1.8.0 build with kernel 4.1Anuj Mittal2015-10-191-1/+8
* meta-isg: dpdk: move patch from inc to bbAnuj Mittal2015-08-281-0/+2
* meta-isg: dpdk: tidy up & removed unnecessary patchesWU CHIA CHUAN2015-07-291-22/+0
* meta-isg: dpdk: renaming patches which are common to DPDK v1.8 and DPDK v2.0WU CHIA CHUAN2015-07-101-4/+4
* meta-isg: dpdk: move the do_install hostapp directory from to dpdk_1...WU CHIA CHUAN2015-07-101-0/+6
* meta-isg: dpdk: rearrange common meta-data from into dpdk.incOng Boon Leong2015-07-101-32/+0
* meta-isg: dpdk: intro recipe for DPDK v1.8.0Ong Boon Leong2015-07-101-0/+61