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* meta-intel: new package - gst-va-intelTom Zanussi2011-12-051-0/+28
* Revert "meta-intel: add gst-meta-base .bbappend"Tom Zanussi2011-12-021-9/+0
* meta-intel: add gst-meta-base .bbappendTom Zanussi2011-12-021-0/+9
* emgd-driver-bin: add video componentsTom Zanussi2011-12-021-10/+12
* libva: upgrade to 1.0.12 and factor out common settingsTom Zanussi2011-12-022-8/+19
* libva: new recipe for video accelerationTom Zanussi2011-12-021-0/+38
* meta-intel: /common xserver-xorg name changeTom Zanussi2011-10-156-10/+10
* meta-crownbay: remove emgd-1.6Tom Zanussi2011-09-271-1/+1
* meta-intel: fix symlink typo and QA checks in emgd-driver-binTom Zanussi2011-09-271-3/+5
* meta-intel/common: remove initramfs-live-install .bbappend1.1_M4.rc2+Tom Zanussi2011-09-152-190/+0
* meta-intel/common: remove grub-1.98Tom Zanussi2011-09-155-151/+0
* grub2: update license versionTom Zanussi2011-09-091-1/+1
* grub: remove the dependency on freetype, disable grub-mkfontDarren Hart2011-09-011-1/+1
* meta-intel: move emgd-driver-bin_1.8 to commonTom Zanussi2011-08-252-0/+35
* meta-intel: update init-install.shTom Zanussi2011-08-221-3/+3
* meta-intel: add xserver-xf86-dri-lite_1.9.3 to commonTom Zanussi2011-06-025-0/+100
* meta-intel: fix for x86_32 build failuresTom Zanussi2011-02-242-2/+55
* meta-intel: add a /common dir with grub2/live-install changesTom Zanussi2011-01-316-0/+288